Neil Jones

General Committee Member

Jon Curran

Club Welfare Office

Dan Torry

Saturday Captain

Ian Taylor


Ashley Gander


The Current Pavilion Opened in 1968

About Warfield Cricket Club

The local newspaper of the time, The Reading Mercury, published records of Warfield’s games as early as September 1785, where matches against the likes of Langley from Bucks were played. These matches where reported to have taken place at Hayley Green, near to the site where the current Cricketer’s Restaurant is. If you bear in mind that Lords was not established until 1814, we have a few years on them! There are also reports through the rest of the century of similar matches against Farnham and Eversley; spare a thought as they must have had to set off very early to get there on time; not many cars around back then, and also not great if the game was rained off! Although there are no records of when the club moved to The Memorial Ground from Hayley Green, it was handed over to the trustees in 1920, and this where the club plays to this day. 

In 2015, we formed the Warfield CC Juniors section. We now have just under 100 junior members with established squads at Under 7, Under 9, Under 11, Under 12 (Girls) and Under 13s. Moving forward into 2018, we plan to launch further squads for Girls Under 14s (Girls) and Boys Under 15s.

Warfield C.C. Seniors Honours Board

Chris Bolam

General Committee Member

Jamie Birchall

Junior Cricket Co-ordinator

Andy Douglas

Sunday Captain &

Fixtures Secretary

Greg Davies


Warfield Cricket Club Commitee

Warfield Cricket Club

Karen Coventry

Fundraising Secretary

Andy Sutcliffe

Midweek Captain & 

Bar Secretary

​​​Year        Clubman of the Year       Player of the Year

 2010              Owen Stanford                            Dave Wilson

 2011              Chris Martin                               Dan Torry

 2013              Chris Martin                               Dan Torry

 2014              Chris Martin                               Graham Morris

 2015              Jon Curran                                  Ashley Gander

 2016              Jamie Birchall                             Ashley Gander

 2017              Chris Martin                               George Laing